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Wildiers jams:

Wildiers is a small family-run business that has been producing home-made jams, elderberry syrup and confits since 1985. All of our products are prepared in open copper boilers, with a maximum of 3 kg of fruit in each one. 

How it all began…

Nicole and Guido used to sell their home-grown chicory and vegetables at local farmers’ markets. When they had some leftover gherkins, cauliflower, rhubarb and fruit, they would make pickles. They would store these delicious goodies in small jars with hand-written labels. Since their customers at the farmers’ markets loved them, Nicole and Guido soon started selling bottles of elderberry syrup too. Local shops began to show an interest and started selling them too. 

The jars were given a beautiful packaging, with a nod to the past, and wholesalers distributed them to delicatessen shops and selected bakeries across Flanders.  In recent years we have seen a new trend emerge: our products are often used in gift hampers and many companies distribute them as corporate gifts. 


In 2006, I (Emilie, Nicole and Guido’s daughter) decided to take over the family business.

Meanwhile, we’ve opened a brand-new production site at an industrial estate 2 km from our original premises. That allows us to serve our customers even better, faster en more efficiently. Our goal is to continue to grow our activities without losing our traditional character.

We have been making jams and syrups since 1985. In all these years, we’ve gained invaluable experience, which allows us to always prepare our products using the best ingredients.  

We cook 3 to 6 kg of fruit or vegetables at a time in copper boilers on a gas stove. We use this method to shorten the cooking time and optimally preserve their flavour and colour. In fact, copper spreads heat extremely fast. 

Going forward, we hope to optimise our production methods even further and continue to experiment with new flavours and ranges. But one thing is certain: we’ll continue to use copper boilers.

That being said, we’ve bought a filling and a sealing machine, which allow us to work more efficiently and hygienically. Moreover, we are working hard to become ISO-certified.

Our specialty:

Since we produce in small batches of approx. 200 units, we can meet your requests with a high level of flexibility. 

Have you got an idea for a new recipe or product? But maybe you don’t have access to the infrastructure you need to make it happen? We will gladly help you develop your idea and assist you in all of your projects. Mass production is not our thing though… Only home-made goodies, according to your recipe or ours.

We can take charge of the entire process, from the optimisation of the recipe to production, packaging, labelling and delivery, also for one-time projects, such as limited editions or corporate gifts. Our standard range is also available as private label or label-free. 

our company

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