home made jams, jellies, confits, spreads and elderberry syrup since 1985!

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In the 80’s farmers Guido Wildiers and his wife Nicole sold their chicory and other vegetables on local farmers markets. They made jams and pickles with the leftover fruits and vegetables, these jars with handwritten labels were then sold at the next farmers markets. Demand of these jams became higher and they decided to start a full time jam making company. The jams were sold to local small shops. They started making elderberry syrup as well. The next 20 years the assortment grew to more than 18 jams, sugar free jams, and confits. Productions was always kept small, in batches of 3 kg fruit per kettles. In 2006 their daughter Emilie decided to continue the company and in 2008 a modern production factory was build. Production of the jams is still in the small batches in the same copper kettles as in 1985. Emilie’s approach to the company is to keep everything small and guard the quality of the products. The focus is on tailor-made solutions, in small batches according to the client’s needs and desires.


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